Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here's how you watch streaming videos from you computer on Google TV

When I first got the Google TV I needed a flatscreen TV and Sony had a great deal where I could purchase the 46' TV for 700.00 so I jumped on it. I had an outdated rear projection screen monstrosity that worked only at about 40% and I was just finished with it. I got the TV and hooked up my Xbox and home audio and it was off and running.

On my Xbox I would use Connect360 to watch AVI's over my wireless connection. Unfortunately quite a bit of my film formats wouldn't work on the Xbox.

The Google TV though has the most video formats that it can play out of any device I've checked out. Now I needed to do a bit of research to find a good DNLA Server. After several attempts I found one in Twonky Media Server. I purchased it for 20.00 and it was worth it.

First: I put the videos all on a 2 Gig hard drive.

Second: I installed Twonky Media Server. It works through an internet browser so it works on any type of OS. In the settings of Twonky I designate the hard drive and restart the server and allow the DNLA server to do it's job.
Note: The file format of the hard drive is reflected in the Video Player when it's displayed. I use it this way. If you go to the CONFIGURE area of Twonky, and select "First steps", Choose under "Navigation Tree" and select "By Folder". I make Genre files like "Drama", "Comedy", "Horror", etc. This makes finding films much easier.

Third: On the Google TV I make sure that it's on the same network as the Twonky. Add your passwords and such to get on the network.

Fourth: Open MEDIA PLAYER on the google TV and choose your video through the Navigation Tree and VIOLA! You have your own networked media server!